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Friday, August 30, 2013

Beautiful Mykonos

Although the landscape is parched and sere, both Jim and I always agree that Mykonos is the most beautiful Greek island we’ve been to. We returned to the island Thursday, and took a transfer by bus to Elia Beach. There we had a tough time finding rental chairs with a shaded palm-type ‘umbrella’ since the beach is so popular. After we left our bags on the chairs, we had lunch at the great Taverna on the beach. Some of the goodies we ate included taramasalata, Greek salad, octopus, grilled shrimp (what we’d call crayfish), and Retsina wine. After our big lunch we swam for a long time in the azure-colored sea. Jim brought along his goggles for snorkeling and took photos of humans, as well as fish. At four thirty we left the beach for Chora, the capital of the island. It doesn’t seem to matter how built up the island becomes, it’s still able to cast its magic on visitors. On the walk from the bus back to the tender, along the harbor, I (Dan) painfully stubbed his toe on a step. It’s been black and blue ever since. Moral of that story: don’t wear flip-flops until you reach the beach! Of course Jim wears flip-flops everywhere. We retuned to the ship to shower and change clothes, and then had cocktails for sunset at our favorite gay bar, the Kastro. It was packed with dozens of people having a good time. It’s the only bar in the town which actually plays classical music, unlike Babylon and others which blare loud dance music. Sunset, however, was not easily photographed, since a large Holland-America ship was right on the horizon before Jim’s camera. We had dinner at Niko’s, our favorite local restaurant and the only place we know where you can order spiny sea urchin (photo). We rambled over to a ‘gelateria’ (Italian for ice cream shop) after dinner. Then Dan returned to the ship and Jim decided he’d check out the big dance party at the Elysium Hotel. But by asking local folks he found out the hotel was on the outskirts of town; not only that, but the party cost $75 per person! So he decided to skip the dance extravaganza and instead bought Dan a lovely opal ring, to cheer up the poor creature who’d hurt his big toe. How’s that for true love? –Dan

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