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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Do You Heat Your Home With Oil?

If so, your home heating bill will increase by a whopping 24 percent this winter, according to a report I just watched on the Today show. Natural gas is expected to increase in price by 6 percent. All of this is tied into the astounding increase in the price of oil recently, which is up about $25 dollars a barrel - up by a third - this year.

Question: where is our fearless leader in Washington, (or for that matter, any of our leaders on either side of the aisle,) on this issue? The increase in the price of oil and the economic impact that this will have on average Americans and on our economy is a national disaster waiting to happen. Already I've heard dire reports about the effect that rising energy costs will have on consumer spending during the holidays. Something big is coming and it's not going to be pleasant, and our political leaders are missing in action on this. This is not the first time I've sounded the alarm here about energy costs. I hate to think about what will happen when gasoline reaches $4 (or even $5) a gallon. It's not a question of if, only when.

PHOTO: Another beautiful boat house along the Schuylkill in Philadelphia


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Anonymous said...

Well Jim here is something that we both can agree to. Of course I do not know what the the boys in DC and can do to stop the rise in oil prices. Do you?
We are told that as Americans we should conserve engery and stop driving our SUV. Now lets us look at the real problem as I see it. First let us start on the East or West coast. There we will find 100 of thousand fuel guzzling boats that are use for pleasure use. I know that these craft suck up the fuel far worse than any suv that is used for transportaion. Next let us look in the same area and all major cites across the US and see all the private air craft that those telling us to conserve & other engery and other "important people' fly around the world becasue they are to busy to travel on the comercial air lines. Tell me how much fuel these babies burn and the sky is full of them. I never here any one complain about these items, and most of these craft are used for pure pleasure. These "toys" will burn more fuel in eight hours than my pickup truck will use all week.
Now here is what our goverment can do to help.
Stop this nonsencs about Nuclear power plants not being safe. Look at all the ships in our Navy that are Nuclear powered, and look across Europe and see that most of ther electricity comes from Nuclear power plants. I know that the antinuclear people will say that we don't have a way to store the waste, that is crap. The technology is here now and the facility is beging built at Yacca Mt. to handle the waste, but antinuclear folks are doing every thing they can to stop the project. Oh by the eay the company that I owned has built tens of thousands of canisters for the storage of nuclear waste, and I know what is requried and the testing that the storage chambers must pass.
The next thing the goverment can do is demand that the we start using our coal reserves to generate electicity. The techology is here to burn coal with out the pollution problems. Just think of all the fuel oil, and natural gas that we would save by doing this. Of course this would take years to do and we will still be at the mercy of the oil barrons and OPEC. for many years.
These changes won't help you and I, but it will help the futrue generation of Americans. For you and I Jim we will just get screwed.
Jim I have kept the video of the Ives Presiden Washington, and look at them from time to time, hope you still have it.Who knows I might find another one some day.