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Thursday, November 8, 2007

What Ever Happened To Energy Conservation?

It used to be something we heard about all the time: the need to conserve energy. What happened to that idea? It's not like we all of a sudden now have plenty of oil. What has happened is that we elected a corporate hack as our president, someone who is more concerned about his fat cat oil buddies and their companies making big profits than what is good for the country. We still need to conserve energy - now more than ever, and our leaders should be hammering this idea home. Instead, we hear virtually nothing from Washington, while the price of oil skyrockets and the stock market begins to teeter. Wall Street gets it about what we're facing. The 300 point plus drop yesterday may be just the beginning. Washington is missing in action. What is Bush doing?

We were told of the need to conserve gasoline decades ago. So how are we doing? This if from today's New York Times:

If gasoline prices are causing motorists to drive less over all, it is not
evident in the national statistics. Americans have consumed an average of 9.3
million barrels of gasoline a day so far this year, an increase of 0.6 percent
from last year, according to the Energy Department.

This country is on a collision course with the reality that cheap and plentiful energy is a thing of the past. Meanwhile Washington is asleep at the switch. I hope our economy doesn't crash and burn when the energy s*** hits the fan!

PHOTO: Another in the series of boat houses here in Philadelphia


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