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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

They're Using Our Own Money To Buy Our Banks

With Wall Street officially in "correction" mode, the good news for investors this morning was that "Arabs" have purchased a large stake in CitiGroup, one of the banks in the news recently in connection with the so-called "credit-crunch." I said to Dan, "They're only using our own oil money to buy into us." Dan replied, "We have to pay for our oil." This is true, but we don't have to make them rich because we can't control our oil consumption at the same time that we share with China the dubious distinction of being the two worst polluters of the environment in the world.

On another front, rumors are flying on the net that the reason Trent Lott is retiring from the U.S. Senate is because he has been caught up in a scandal involving a male hooker. The story is just an unsubstantiated rumor at this point but it would not surprise many people if it were true, would it?

Senator Clinton finishes behind all of the front running Republicans, according to a new poll (Zogby) just released. That's what happens when you have what are called "high negatives." As one commentator said on TV this morning, the Democrats must be beside themselves wondering what to do about this. Too bad they can't nominate a candidate with real principles instead of Ms. "triangulation," the wife of Mr. "triangulation."

PHOTO: A soilitary rower passes near the Connecting Railroad Bridge on the Schuylkill River one misty Fall morning.