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Sunday, November 25, 2007

US Health Care Is Expensive Because We're Wealthy

...says the New York Times. That's nice. They are short on solutions to the problem, however, and they do not favor a single payer plan, what they term "Medicare For All." But this is the way that other countries have tackled the problem. Sure, there are issues in those systems, but at least no one is left totally without coverage.

Some states are not waiting for the federal government to act. Maybe some solutions will come out of the states. Nothing much good ever comes out of Congress. That's thanks to the "genius" of the Framers, who were afraid of too much change.

PHOTO: Philadelphia's Academy Of Music. This beautiful mid-nineteenth century opera house is one of this city's architectural and artistic gems. We'll be there this afternoon for a performance of "Hansel And Gretel," the wonderful Humperdink opera that is so well loved especially at the holidays.


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