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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Christian States Of America

Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Rudolph Giuliani...will one of these Christian or Mormon religious bigots be our next president? If so that will mean that our country will become a Christian religious state. This is not what the Founders wanted.

Here's what Andrew Sullivan believes we are becoming:

"Theodemocracy: the blending of government with a universally Christian
populace in which faith is the prerequisite of public office. This is the vision of America that Romney is proposing. He has behind him the power brokers of the Protestant right, the theocons of the Catholic right, the Mormon church and the vested interests of a Republican party elite that, in the wake of George W Bush, wants to extend the theodemocratic principles of an antisecular movement.

Now, add to that the detestable Huckabee, who stands by his determination to quarantine people with AIDS, and Rudolph Giuliani, who said yesterday that gays are not sinful but their actions are.

What has happened to America?

PHOTO: At Liberty Place in downtown Philadelphia, daily holiday concerts.


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