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Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Senile Return To Religion

"Far from strengthening the case for the existence of God, it rather weakens the case for the existence of Antony Flew" - New York Times book reviewer Antony Gottleib commenting on a new book in which renowned British philosopher Antony Flew reveals that after six decades of atheism he has "found god." I didn't realize god was missing. Why is it that many old people who were non-religious or even professed atheists suddenly return to religion and churches late in their lives? Oh sure, I suppose that maybe some of them need comfort or security or maybe they fear the prospect of oblivion. But is that a reason to chuck logic and rationality out the window? Perhaps the best thing, or at last the most memorable thing I have read about dying is from one contemporary philosopher (can't remember the name at the moment) who wrote that non-existence didn't bother him before he was born, so why should it matter after he dies? At least that's rational.

PHOTO: A great holiday display at Philadelphia's Bellevue Stratford hotel.


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