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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gay Conservative Republican Endorses Ron Paul

Gay and Republican? Gay and conservative? I've never understood how you can be both of either of these at the same time. I guess I'll never understand how someone like Andrew Sullivan can be both gay and conservative and a Republican, but he is. The latest from Andy is his endorsement of Republican/Libertarian presidential hopeful Ron Paul for president. I suppose that if you have to pick among the crop of Republicans he does represent the lesser of the evils, but a cursory look at his positions on a number if issues is enough to send me running. Paul is anti-abortion, would define life as beginning at conception, and opposes a woman's right to choose. Paul would repeal the Brady Bill that attempts in a modest fashion to control guns, and appears to favor no restrictions whatsoever on gun sales and ownership. Some of his other positions do have appeal to those with libertarian tendencies, but I would not want to live in a country headed by President Ron Paul. But then, I'm not happy living here under "Dubbya" either.
PHOTO: The next to the last in the series of Macy's Philadelphia holiday display windows.


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