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Saturday, December 1, 2007

HRC And The Log Cabin Republicans - Ugh!

I've always been leery of accomodationists and assimilationists within the gay community - those people who feel that the best way to make progress on gay rights is to try to get along with our enemies or become like them. That's why I don't support the Human Rights Campaign with my contributions, and why I think the Log Cabin Republicans are seriously deluded. Richard Rothstein, who is never shy about expressing himself and is no fan of HRC, The Log Cabin Republicans, and the Clintons, puts it this way on his "Proceed at Your own Risk" blog:

Joining forces for a worthy cause, no matter how worthy a cause is still lending credibility to those who stand against us. What's next, a partnership between hen house manufacturers and the National Association of Hungry Foxes? Hillary, whose husband is responsible for Don't Ask, Don't Tell,
dances with Rupert Murdoch and Joe Solmonese sleeps with The Log Cabin
Republicans. Politics surely does make for strange bedfellows.
And yes, I know, many of you will say that at the time this DADT policy seemed
progressive. That's horse shit. At the time Hillary's vote to invade Iraq
seemed right to her as well. I remember that in both circumstances, many
Americans, including myself, looked at this new "progressive" DADT policy and
the call to war against Iraq in response to 9/11 and said "what the
fuck?"HRC and the Log Cabin Republicans in partnership? What the

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