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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Gore Can Still End Up Being The Democratic Nominee

Huffington Post analyst Paul Abrams lays out a scenario whereby Al Gore can become the Democratic presidential nominee:

With the potential of a truly fractured Democratic field, the one person
who could heal that wound and set the race on fire would be Al Gore. Untarnished
by the primary battles, redeemed both by his own successes and Bush's failed
presidency, with a cause that percolates down to 1st graders who go on nature
walks, and with a conviction not to be handled by "handlers" (who are killing
Hillary now, as they did Gore in 2000), Gore would be perfectly positioned to
run a winning fall campaign. Although Hillary herself would be loathe to
"release" her supporters to Gore, many of the super-delegates and a large
fraction of the actual delegates would nominate Gore in a heartbeat, and only
those states where the delegates are committed on the first ballot could be

Obama would have to win the Iowa caucuses tonight for this to happen, according to Abrams' scenario, starting a process that ends up with none of the Dems arriving at the convention with enough delegates to win the nomination. It's an interesting scenario. We'll have a better idea if it's actually possible after tonight.

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