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Monday, January 7, 2008

Poor Hillary

Watching the political drama play out moment by moment as Hillary Clinton's campaign for the presidency seems to be imploding is nothing short of fascinating - like watching a movie where you just know that the outcome is going to be bad for her. I still think she can recover even from a double digit loss to Obama, but maybe not - maybe that will finish her off as so many pundits seem to be saying. Now she get teary-eyed on the campaign trail. That's not good. She says she's for change, but then she touts her experience while saying the Obama is not ready. No wonder she's in trouble. Meanwhile Obama has his act together. He's a great speaker, and he can and does easily turn the inexperience critique to his advantage by pointing out that real change means a rejection, not only of the Bush policies, but by extension., also the policies of the Clinton years. Poor Hillary, she is really in trouble. Boo Hoo.

PHOTO; Subterranean Penn Center - this was once an ice skating rink many years ago.


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