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Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Slanted Network Reporting

Media Matters, the media watchdog group, reminds us that we're being served a constant slanted version of the news by the network political pundits including Tim Russert and Chris Matthews. These people are not objective journalists. They have their own personal agendas, which they allow to color their on air reporting in a most unprofessional way. The latest example comes as these "professionals" gush over John McCain even though he finished fourth in Iowa:

In case you're wondering, no candidate, Democrat or Republican, has ever won his or her party's nomination after
finishing fourth in a contested Iowa caucus, or after winning as little as 13
percent of the vote. Yet this is "very good news for John McCain," according to
some of the nation's most powerful journalists, ignoring the fact that the only
way in which this is good news for McCain is that they keep saying it is good
news for McCain.

If the network news stars say it is so it must be so, right?

PHOTO: Philadelphia's Suburban Station, a deco masterpiece.


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