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Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa: After The Deluge

Michael Moore feels bad for Hillary:
"I can't tell you how bad I feel for Senator Clinton tonight. I don't believe she
was ever really for this war. But she did -- and continued to do -- what she
thought was the politically expedient thing to eventually get elected. And she
was wrong. And tonight she must go to sleep wondering what would have happened
if she had voted her conscience instead of her calculator."

...and, Moore has an interesting question for Mr. Obama:

"...if you can, tell me why you are now the second largest recipient of
health industry payola after Hillary. You now take more money from the people
committed to stopping universal health care than any of the Republican
candidates. "

I don't feel bad for Hillary myself. She is firmly in the Clinton tradition, the same tradition that abandoned core Democratic Party principles under the guise of being "moderates," and using centrist-based triangulation when Bill was president. (Triangulation: that's when you stake out a fuzzy third position on an issue with lotss of generalities that allows you to pander to both sides on an issue by telling each what they want to hear, e.g., on gay marriage, Hillary is against it but she favors domestic partnerships at the state level.) She would be more of the same. Ugh!

As for Obama, he's a Kennedyesque figure and a powerful orator. However, he cannot bring himself to stand for full equality for gay men and lesbians, which leaves me with the feeling that for all of his fine talk, he's not ready to back it up with courageous stands for social justice. Like Moore, I have serious questions in my mind about Obama.

PHOTO: A locomotive projection on the wall of Grand Central Terminal - part of the holiday laser light show this year.


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