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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Influx Of Younger Voters

Here is New York Times columnist Bob Herbert commenting on the Obama phenomenon:

When Barack Obama asks how many
people in his overflow audience are still undecided and a third of the people
raise their hands, it’s a sign that there is a hunger for new leadership but
that it won’t be easily satisfied.
Something is stirring all right. Voters
are paying attention. Young people are coming into the process. The electorate
is fed up and ready to invoke the prerogatives of citizenship to hold the
leadership to higher standards.
The textbooks tell us that’s exactly how it’s
supposed to work.

The Times notes the influx of younger voters into the campaign in it's lead story this morning. For me, that's the best thing about what's happening today - the hope for positive change that the shifting age demographic is bringing to politics. In other words, I'm hoping that less conservative younger people are replacing the older, more conservative generation that has given us 40 plus years of mostly Republican rule. I can hope, anyway.


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