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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day V: The Plot Thickens Yet Again

This morning one of my cardiologists, a resident named "Mike" came in early to fill me in on the planned course of action for the coming week. Since the films from last weeks barium esophageal X-Ray series were negative for any TEE contraindications, I will have the TEE first on Monday. If the TEE does not reveal any contraindications for a heart catheterization, then that will happen second, either on Monday or Tuesday. Then there will be a pause of two days to allow contrast media to clear my system. Next, probably on either Thursday or Friday I will have a full chest contrast CT scan. One of the purposes of this is determine what the surgical options are for AVR. It may be possible for me to have a TAVR procedure but this is yet to be determined. HUP does the most TAVR procedures in the Philadelphia area and they are making the procedure available to populations other than the initial limited elderly and ill who are not candidates for OHS.

Update: I am NOT eligible for has not been approved for bicuspid valves, and it is not being done here as widely as the resident led me to believe. Nothing like getting your hopes up and then having them dashed within a few short hours.Also, the chest CT scan is needed to help in the evaluation of my dilated ascending aorta, however, it is uncertain whether or not it will be ordered based upon the results of the cath, etc.

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