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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day II

Thursday, December 11... I found out that, while the CT brain scan was ok, neurologists wanted further detailed evaluation of my brain so MRIs were ordered. I finally spent 45 minutes in an MRI machine in the afternoon under sedation due to my claustrophobia. No further tests that day so I was able to have a nice salad for dinner courtesy of Louise and chocolates that Dan bought for me. In the morning Dan and I were able to speak with the attending physician's substitute and his team. We asked various questions about troponin levels, why was Lipitor prescribed (ad a precaution,) the cath will evaluate the coronary arteries and the aortic valve. A post release plan will be provided. If the aortic stenosis is believed to be the cause of my episode, options include scaled back activity or AVR. Options were not discussed in the event of coronary artery disease.

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