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Monday, December 8, 2014

How To Survive An Encounter With Police

Too bad it's come to this, but everyone needs to be very careful when dealing with law enforcement. The following advice is attributed to a policeman:

My 5 tips on how blacks and others can survive an encounter with police are very simple and if you stop and think about it make a lot of sense: 
1.Do NOT under any circumstance ARGUE with police out in the street. You cannot win an argument with police out in the field. 
2.2. Do NOt raise your voice, but stay cool and calm. Do NOT make any quick or aggressive movements. Remember the police officer does NOT know you and will react to protect himself or those around him. 
3.Police know that hands kill, so always keep your hands in plain sight. Before you move your hands ask permission, officer I need to go into my back pocket to get my ID, is that OK with you? 
4.NEVER run from police even if you are innocent. When you run you create a heightened sense that something must be wrong here. 
5.DO NOT resist arrest – if you do one of three things is going to happen: 
a.You are going to get beat down till you stop resisting 
b.You are going to get injured or accidentally killed 
c.And you are going to have charges taken out against you.

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