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Monday, December 15, 2014

I Made It! No Coronary Artery Disease!

This photo shows the new-style air bladder pressure dressing applied to my wrist at the cardiac catheter entry point just to the left of the green dot. Using the wrist is far better than the old-style groin entry because recovery is so much faster and far more comfortable for the patient.

I had both the TEE and the cardiac cath this afternoon. The staff here at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is so expert that I got through everything easily with no discomfort or pain, contrary to my fears. While I do not have most of the results of the tests, I did find out that I do not have coronary artery disease validating my own prediction. Tomorrow I'll meet with my doctors and hopefully get the full test results as well as find out what the plan is to address my heart valve, and mini-stroke/heart attack issues.

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