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Friday, December 12, 2014

Day III: Stuck In The Hospital

Remember when you took your car in for one repair, and they tell you, oh, by the way, this is broken and that doesn't work, etc., etc?

So I wait all day today, Friday for the heart catheterization, they prep me, take me down to the cath lab and....STOP. Because the brain MRI yesterday showed that I have suffered multiple minor strokes (!!!!) to be safe we need take a closer look at your heart valves to make sure there's nothing that can dislodge during the cath and cause a serious stroke. So I need a type of echocardiogram called a "TEE"...a trans-esophageal echocardiogram, where you get high then you swallow (gulp!) the transducer and they look at your heart valves internally. What fun! So if that wasn't bad enough they ask me questions about my problem until the question about swallowing...any problems? Well, I've had swallowing problems for years caused by who knows what, maybe my dilated ascending aorta? Anyway, that put everything on hold. No TEE, No cath...instead I had to go down to radiology and swallow a half gallon of barium while they x-rayed my esophagus! The other tests are on hold until Monday, MONDAY! So I' m stuck here all weekend with the prospect of the nasty TEE to look forward to before I can even get to the cath. Who knows when I'll ever get outta here!

Thanks friends for reading all this and for your love and support.


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