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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Fun Evening

Last night the Wimco Co, who rents us our apartment in Colony Club, hosted their weekly cocktail hour, currently held at the restaurant La Guerite. While we were enjoying glasses of wine at the bar, we ran into a couple we had met two years ago at a similar event. Craig and Robert, from Toronto, rent a villa near St. Jean’s, up in the hills. After chatting with them for a bit, we found out that they were also headed to Eddy’s for dinner, so I asked if we could join them there. We were all lucky to get a table at the popular Gustavia restaurant, since they only take reservations late (from 7:30) and the place was packed. Though it was Monday night,it seemed like Saturday. Eddy’s does not have an extensive menu, but what they make is well done and the atmosphere, a huge tall wooden building, with paintings on the walls and plants everywhere, makes it seem like one is dining in a tropical garden. In fact, there are few walls in Eddy’s. Three of us had the excellent lobster medallion salad to start the meal, and then everyone had something different for the main course. Mine was a chewy monkfish in a cream sauce, while Jim had prawns in a curry sauce. Robert ordered the mahi-mahi which looked tender, but Craig ordered the most typical Caribbean dish of all: goat in a Colombo (curry) sauce. The hot chocolate cake for dessert was also delicious and we washed all this food down with a bottle of San Pellegrino water and a red Sancerre wine. Usually Sancerre is a white wine, but the red version is also interesting, if perhaps less memorable. -Dan

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