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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cloudy Day for an Island Paradise

For lunch, we returned to one of the most comfortable restaurants on the island, Santa Fe in Lurin. It has a beautiful hill top site overlooking the ocean. Though today it’s been both windy and mizzling –to use my dear friend Carole’s Scots expression for light rain—on and off. I ordered a Caesar salad and a baby artichoke in a broth to start out. A strange spoon was served with the artichoke; part tablespoon and part fork (see pics.) I told Jim the spoon’s mother was a regular spoon and its father a fork, thus its hybrid form. (You can forgive my weird image since I’m sometimes a poet.) Jim had penne pasta in a light tomato sauce. But the best of the first dishes was my lightly grilled mahi-mahi, very tender and complemented by a tomato sauce and pesto. It was served on a round bed of mashed potato. The dessert was even more imaginative: profiteroles in the shapes of miniature swans, with a delicious chocolate sauce.--Dan

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