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Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Lavish Final Dinner At A De Luxe St. Barth Restaurant

For our last dinner in St. Bart’s we enjoyed a lavish meal in St-Jean, at On the Rocks. It was a considerable change from lunch, where we dined with all French speaking customers, seated at small tables, watching soccer games on TV. On the Rocks is a creation of super-star Chef Jean-Georges Vongrichten, who owns the famed restaurant in New York. Plus, Eden Rock has one of the most unusual perches on St. Bart’s. The views were spectacular, and at some points we watched distant fire works. They may have been interrupted by rain showers, but it hardly mattered and we were delighted to be at a table overlooking the turquoise bay, brilliantly illuminated by lights at the Eden Rock resort. Jim started by ordering a ‘rum Manhattan’ a rather sweet cocktail. Dan’s first course was the squid and mushrooms in a thick parsley sauce, atop a ‘tomato carpaccio.’ The squid was too chewy, but the presentation was elegant as always at On the Rocks. Dan’s entrée redeemed the evening, as did the rest of the meal. The main course was a ‘candied filet of salmon’ on a puree of carrots, served with appetizing pearl onions, beets, parsnip slivers, etc. Jim’s snapper was covered with nuts and seeds and was also a taste treat. His dessert was the rich gateau au chocolat, a thin slice of a chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream. Dan has ordered the unique banana soufflé before and it was just as good this time. We drove back to Gustavia with great memories at the end of this stay on St.Bart’s. --Dan

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