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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Another Great Day Of Scuba Diving In St. Barth

Friday morning at 9 AM dive operator John Servetto of St. Barth Big Blue took us out to Le Pain de Sucre for our first dive of the day. However, the high winds and rough surf prevented us from diving that site. John took the boat back closer to shore within the marine preserve near Les Gros Islets. We entered the water, submerged, and once on the bottom we made a short underwater swim to the wreck of the Dakar. The Dakar sank in 1998 during hurricane Georges and sits at about 45 feet depth. We circled the wreck then we swam back to the reef to complete the dive. The second dive was also at Les Gros Islets. The average depth is less than at Le Pain de Sucre, which usually means more bottom time for the diver and more light for photography. Visability underwater was excellent today and sunny conditions made for enjoyable photography. I also used my fill flash quite a bit today, so this batch of photographs is quite colorful. It was a fun day of diving, my last for this trip.

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