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Friday, July 27, 2007

The Hillary And Obama Show

Another great picture by Bob Russell. Bob is Dan's brother Bill's partner. This is Nikko, our 15 year old Burmese beauty.

Is Obama's strategy of touting himself as the "change" candidate going to work? Some analysts think it's a smart move. Portray Hillary as "Bush Lite" while presenting himself as the real force for change. It will appeal to the Democratic base that is virulently anti-war. However, in the general election some of the Obama soundbites like "I'll talk to Chavez, etc." may hurt him. Andrew Sullivan has some new Gallup poll data on his blog today that shows Hillary losing to Giuliani but Obama beating both Giuliani and Thompson if the election were held today. Hillary's negatives are sky high. Sullivan wonders why any Democrat would prefer Hillary over Obama. It's an interesting question. Because she's a woman?


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