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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kucinich YouTube Debate Support For Gay Marriage

Here's one more DRA photo...the dance company is "DARRELL GRAND MOULTRIE" dancing "Trois La Femme."

From the Democratic YouTube debate last evening, this question and answer caught my attention:

COOPER: Our next question is on a topic that got a lot of response from
YouTube viewers. Let's watch.
QUESTION: Hi. My name is Mary.
my name is Jen.
QUESTION: And we're from Brooklyn, New York.
If you were
elected president of the United States, would you allow us to be married to each
COOPER: Congressman Kucinich?
KUCINICH: Mary and Jen, the answer to
your question is yes. And let me tell you why.
Because if our Constitution
really means what it says, that all are created equal, if it really means what
it says, that there should be equality of opportunity before the law, then our
brothers and sisters who happen to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender
should have the same rights accorded to them as anyone else, and that includes
the ability to have a civil marriage ceremony.
Yes, I support you. And
welcome to a better and a new America under a President Kucinich

If only that could happen. Other than Mike Gravel, the rest of the Democrats are opposed to same-sex marriage. My vote will go to a candidate who is courageous enough to support my right to marry my partner. I know I won't be voting for a Republican but I doubt that I will be voting for a Democrat.


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Sharon said...

Hi - I hope you will support Dennis Kucinich. I spent a couple of days on the road with his campaign in New Hampshire in April and I got the feeling he could take the state in the primary. If he does that, he's in a good position to win more states. Have HOPE! The right of all people to marry and have the rights of married people is extremely important, as is ending the Iraq occupation, bringing U.S. jobs back home, repealing the Patriot Act, restoring habeas corpus and citizens' privacy, national nonprofit health care, free public pre-K and college education, and the myriad of progressive values that Kucinich represents. Yours in peace, Sharon Abreu, Eastsound, WA