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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Michael Moore: We Need Different Priorities

Here's another interesting house - this one is on the beach near the center of The Pines.

Michael Moore's "Sicko" has opened to big crowds and good reviews. There's no movie theater out here in Cherry Grove. Therefore, I'll have to wait to see it until I begin spending more time off island in the Fall. Here's a great quote from Michael about the public's reaction to the film:

"British MP, Tony Benn, says, "If we have the money to kill people (with
war), we've got the money to help people." That line always gets the loudest
applause in the theater. It is estimated that, before Bush's War is over, we
will have spent two trillion dollars on it. Let me say this: I NEVER want to
hear again from ANY politician that we "don't have the money" to fix our
schools, to take care of the poor, to provide health care for every American.
Clearly, the money IS there when we want to illegally invade another country and
then prolong a disastrous occupation. From now on, we have to demand that our
tax dollars be there for the things we need, not the things that make us one of
the most detested countries on earth."

That's right on target. One of the rationales used by the conservative justices on the Supreme Court for basically overturning or gutting the historic "Brown vs. Board Of Education" desegregation decision this past week was that we need to fix all our schools. That's right of course, but the justices didn't mandate that, they just threw out Brown. As Michael Moore says, we do have the money to fix our schools, but we're squandering it in Iraq. He's right: we have to demand a change in our country's priorities.


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