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Friday, July 13, 2007

HRC Pandering?

I've always been a bit leery of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), probably the most prominent gay rights organization in the country. They have always struck me as being a bit too mainstream, too conservative, and too willing to settle for less than full gay equality in exchange for supporting politicians. This year the group came under fire from activists and bloggers who claimed that HRC was more about fund raising and their own survival than about fighting for gay rights. Some observers have accused HRC of being too closely associated with the Democratic Party, and some have suggested that HRC has already decided to endorse Hillary Clinton for president, even though there are serious concerns on the part of some gay activists about her positions on gay rights. The latest flap has to so with the presidential debate that HRC and LOGO, the gay TV channel, will be sponsoring later this summer. HRC has declined to invite Senator Mike Gravel, a candidate who has a strong gay rights position, stronger than most of the other candidates. This seems to me like HRC is pandering to the mainstream candidates. HRC ought to invite all of the candidates, but especially those with the strongest gay rights positions. What are they afraid of?

Photo: a beachfront view in the Pines.


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Mark Donatelli said...

Jim, Great Blog. I really enjoy reading your articles and the pictures of "the island" are absolutely fabulous!!! I used to come out to Cherry Grove in the 1990s with my friend Jack from Philly...what a magical place. Have a great summer. A fan, Mark