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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scarborough/Ridley On Vitter

Dan (L) and I had dinner out last evening with friends Mel (C) and Edward (R) at Jumpin' Jacks Seafood House in Cherry Grove, a popular eatery located right on the beach. I thought the best items served were the steamers, which were big, tender, and delicious, and the broiled combination seafood platter that Dan ordered.

It was relaxing to dine out after our grueling 200 mile road trip on Monday to Maplewood, New Jersey. We paid a visit to Dan's father, who turns 99 this week. He still lives at home with 24 hour nursing care. After our visit we drove to Ft. Lee to do some fine sake shopping. This trip had me driving on four of the most notorious highways anywhere: the Belt Parkway, the Staten Island Expressway, The Cross Bronx Expressway, and the Long Island Expressway. I usually avoid the LIE, but the Cross Island was jammed so I took the LIE. The Cross Island was the only one of these tough highways that was a problem!

The AM replacement for Imus on MSNBC is former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough. He's mostly predictable. This morning he half-heartedly defended pig "family values" Republican Senator Daivd Vitter (R- LA), who came out of seclusion to hold a news conference yesterday to apologize to "those he let down" by frequenting the now famous DC Madam. Vitter, of course, all the while he was seeing prostitutes was beating up on gays and lesbians claiming we are a threat to marriage. What a creep. Anyway, Scarborough argued that Vitter had done enough by apologizing. "What more do his critics want him to do?" asked Scarborough. Well, one of the important differences between the Scarborough morning show and the former Imus trash is that Scarborough has one John Ridley as a co-host. Ridley often represents or articulates the "left" political position. Ridley told Scarborough that Vitter should have apologized to gays and lesbians for demonizing them all the while he was soiling his own marriage. Scarborough had to agree albeit reluctantly. It was a refreshing bit of honesty on national TV.


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