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Saturday, July 21, 2007

An Interesting Scenario - Total Democratic Control

Another view from our roof deck looking North. The Great South Bay in the background separates Fire Island from Long Island and it's several miles wide.

America has really gotten off track under George Bush. This has largely be due to the fact that for the first six years of his presidency, Bush had a Republican controlled Congress that rubber stamped everything he did. We had "unitary" government, where both the executive and both houses of Congress are controlled by the same political party - the Republicans.

However, with the Republicans struggling to remain viable thanks to Bush's disastrous presidency, it now appears highly probable that they will not only loose the presidency in 2008, but the Democrats are poised to retain control over BOTH houses of Congress. In other words, the Democrats will have the same advantage of unitary government beginning in 2008, assuming this scenario plays out. This will present a wonderful opportunity for them to reverse course and jettison Bush's terrible domestic and foreign policies. But it will also put the Democrats on the hot seat - they will have to produce. It will be interesting to watch this play out. Let's see if the Republicans use this as a scare tactic by warning:"Don't give the Democrats total control of government." No matter that when they had it they screwed up the country.


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