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Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Stormy Day...And Some Other Thoughts

The early ferry wasn't very full on our trip over to America (Long Island) on Wednesday. The weather was threatening and before long the rains came. The storm hit hard on Long Island. Many roads were flooded. I went to one store, Best Buy in Patchogue, only to find out that they weren't sure they would even open because of the severity of the storm. We did our chores and returned to Cherry Grove on the 11:30 AM boat.

The freight boat on its way over to the Grove loaded with supplies.

Another freight boat containing construction supplies, and the garbage scow leaving the Pines harbor.

I spoke with a Suffolk County Police Officer late yesterday afternoon. I asked him if the police had apprehended any of the bad guys who are responsible for the recent crime spree in The Grove. He told me that they caught one individual, but he did not elaborate and apparently did not know what particular crime(s) that this individual was charged with.

Have you been following the free fall of the American dollar vs. European currencies? The last time we were in London a couple of years ago, we felt the pain of the unfavorable exchange rate at that time. It's worse now, with the dollar worth only about 1/2 a British Pound. Ouch!


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