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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Democrats and Bubbly....

Before the Democrats uncork the bubbly and start breaking out the "we kicked McCain's ass" bumper stickers, I think a little reality needs to be injected into the converstation:

1) The main stream media and blogosphere is waxing on about the huge Obama lead in the polls. As we know, we can't and shouldn't always believe everything we read. And this is no exception. Lest we forget our recent history, the media missed the impending credit crisis in spite of the global equity meltdown last year.

I'm not sure how many of you out there use AOL email or check AOL headlines. I've watched their polls for the last year. Their last major poll before the debates had the entire country (every state) as a red state. Yet one month later AOL's headlines (0n multiple occassions) had Barack leading in the polls. I wouldn't be mentioning this but I've heard AOL polls regurgitated on CNN and on MSNBC. Clearly the message here is mixed and the polls are less than scientific.
My point is that we need to get our information from a variety of media sources, not just polls, blogs and the punditry.

Speaking of punditry:

I haven't seen the punditry call much of anything correctly and I'm not sure why journalists are getting tapped as experts on campaigns, war and the economy. Maybe it is because they can wrap a really complex problem up in an 8th grade reading level bow?

2) The biggest competitor the McCain Campaign has is themselves and their candidates track record. Barack Obama is a thoughtful, decent human being. However even as well organized as both he and his campaign seem to be, it isn't what's sinking McCain. It's American's pocket books and wallets that are pushing down McCain's numbers.

GW hasn't helped either. As a matter of fact, he's turned into a huge liability. He's waving on his way out of the office right now, riding into the sunset with a huge family fortune and most likely a substantial endowment from one of this corporate benefactors. Clearly the American people are not happy.

By the way, have you noticed on signs for politicians, you know, the one's that are on people's lawns; they've removed any reference to party? I know why the Republicans did it and I know it will confuse voters in the polling for sure. Is party affiliation important for full disclosure? I think so.

3) Democrats haven't seen all of the shock and awe Republicans have to play yet. My guess is that real slime will come out somewhere around the last week of the campaign. Too late for anyone to purchase additonal airtime on TV or radio.

Last but absolutely most important:

4) Did we forget one name? Katherine Harris? How many clones of Katherine Harris did the Republicans cast before she went down in flames? How many local votes will get chucked or swindled or stolen as the result of some kind of antics by the local Republicans? Or by Democrats acting in their own political self interests? It happens folks, both sides do things that skate on the thin ice of not quite legal but not completely illegal. Vaporizing votes in a democracy is wrong by any means and making one vote count more than another is still wrong.

So I think we have a few "action items". One item might be to have some oversight for the voting, especially in swing states. If it weren't for Katherine Harris and others like her, we might not be in Iraq or in a economic depression or in a few other messes. Her actions helped set a chain of events in place that made a whole lot of us Americans poorer and a very few Americans much wealthier. And quite a few Americans, Iraqis and others quite dead.

Another action item might be that Barack can't treat this race as a great debate in the high school gym. Take the gloves off Barack and put on some brass knuckles. Get in this to win. This is your moment in history, in time. You've done great things and nothing would be greater than having a first black president. And if that first black president came in and saved our collective asses that would even be better. Not many leaders really stand up to the test of time, quite a fwe are soiled by it. We are defined by our actions and not just our words.

You don't seem like the kind of person that is content with a B+ grade point average. And honestly Barack, I don't want to have another President in the Whitehouse that isn't shooting for an A+. I've seen enough F's from the government in the last 8 years to last me a lifetime.


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