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Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain: Enough Already!

The debate last night was grinding to watch. McCain went into full attack mode making the predictable accusations against Obama throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him. Do you want to see how McCain's performance played with the public? Go to YouTube and do a quick search on him. It won't take you long to find many video clips showing McCain to be angry and confused, while he flailed out at Obama. Forget about concrete proposals from McCain, except for tax cuts for businesses, the same old trickle down economics that hasn't worked for the last 30 plus years. McCain is truly a sad, washed up figure at this point. If Americans elect him they'll get what they deserve: four or more years of the same old tired Republican policies. Obama isn't perfect, but just about any Democrat would be better than McCain.

Please let this be over ASAP. No one wants to watch it any more.


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