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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I am not Joe The Plumber

I'm not Joe The Plumber. I'm not lower class, not middle class and not upper class. I'd rather not have my life reduced to a soundbite.

I grew up in a family of hard working people. My father died at work, my mother is a senior citizen and still works long hours every day (and I am proud of her everyday) and siblings work long hours at jobs they sometimes like and sometimes more often than not hate.

So when I listen the McPalin drivel of Obama screwing the working stiffs like myself and my family I get incredibly irritated. But not at McPalin. I get irritated at the American People for listening to the propaganda and eating it up without thinking about it first.

Read the start of a great plan for small businesses by the Obama administration here. It isn't a deep read, it will take you about 3 whole minutes. No big words or fancy ideas. Just things our government can do to make it easier for small business to operate in a country that hasn't treated them so well in the last 10 years.

By the way, running a small business here in the land of Holy Joe Lieberman is pretty difficult. CT state taxes for small businesses are overwheling. The state makes it very difficult for small businesses to be profitable. That doesn't have much to do with the Federal Government but it has an awful lot to do with our state government. Can any President fix a state government? Highly unlikely.

Hence the statement again, don't compare me to the Plumber that McPalin randomly picked out of a crowd. Actually, it's starting to look less random all the time. I wish the rest of America discouraged the use of metaphors for specific sectors of our population and instead focused on what's important, the state of our great country and what we ALL need to do to lead the world again. I'd even be willing to live with the candidates leaving Joe the Plumber on Main Street and instead get out to the mall where minimum wage workers with no health insurance still work at stores loading up for the holiday season (that might not come). Mary at Pottery Barn may never know...


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