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Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin Debate Flowchart

For those of you that missed the debate last night, I have something that may help. Joe Biden is a smart, seasoned politician so I think you have a pretty good idea of his reasoning/rationale. Get out of Iraq, attempt to rethink the economy, honor the Bill of Rights and Constitution, that kind of thing.

But Sarah Palin is kind of different and everyone was wondering how she could go off script and still make sense against another Bi-Ped Omnivore with active respiration and all nuerons and synapses firing.

Well, all is revealed. Here is the flowchart that unlocks all of Sarah's responses and helps you understand how a "just good enough" person can be a Vice Presidential hopeful.


PS If it is hard to read, just click on it and the picture will open another window and will be a bit larger. To put it in John McCain/Palin speak: "For those of you not technically there to... Well, ok, it's all about windows and the right to have arms."

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