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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama, Powell, And Proposition 8

Been busy here setting up a new desktop computer. We also had a busy weekend with performances on New York on Saturday and Philadelphia on Sunday. Nevertheless, I did watch Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama on Meet The Press. While it was a strong endorsement, coming from Powell it doesn't mean very much to me. Powell was George W. Bush's enabler. "W" made a fool out of him sending him to the United nations to make the case for the Iraq war. He should have known better. Now Powell worries about two more right wing Supreme Court appointees. He should have been worried before "W" put Alito and Roberts on the Court. Powell also opposed the inclusion of gays and lesbians in the military, and helped force DADT into our nation's policy on military matters. He's a Republican Uncle Tom. Who needs him.

I am heartsick over the latest polls showing that Proposition 8 may very well pass in California. It's probably too late to point fingers, but why on earth every single gay rights organization didn't make this their number one priority, and all of them band together to fight this is beyond me. If it passes, Proposition 8 will set back the gay rights movement by years if not decades.

I have issues with Obama, but I'll give him credit for one thing: he has fought fire with fire, answering the negative ads of the Republicans with negative ads of his own. Finally, the Democrats learn how to street fight with the nasty right wing crowd. Now if only gay people would band together and fight for our rights!


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Reamworks said...

NO on 8 is gaining! Perhaps that's because some Evangelical Ministers are starting to tell people to vote NO on Proposition 8

Also, shouldn't Christians be more concerned about the Parental Notification initiative? I think California Christians have been bamboozled by out-of-state special interests.