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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pundit Puke

Just listening to the pundits puke out who won in this verbal masturbation exercise (the Presidential Debate). My favorite pundit is pictured above.
I have to say, the thing I liked most after the debates was T. Boone Pickens little shpiel for energy indepence.
I don't feel like writing a long winded article tonight. My 401k has vaporized a little over $20k this week. I know, some folks are far worse. Still, I am pissed. It takes me a long time to earn that kind of money. Time I'd would rather have been spending with my family.
And I'm tired of hearing from both candidates about how they are going to go kick ass on Iran. How about you un-fuck the world economy first?
There was far too much tough talk crap about putting pressure on, kicking ass and so on. By the way, the Russians stayed in Afghanistan for 9 years. Well trained bunch of folks, dedicated their whole army to taking a dump on the Taliban and it still didn't work and broke them fiscally. Do you hear me? History says we can't win with the added bonus of us going broke in the process.
Fix healthcare.
Fix the economy.
Get energy independence.
Make education a constant and inexpensive.
Give our vets the treatment they need.
Stop wars (both Afghanistan and Iraq).
McCain reminds me of Hoover. That's what he reminded me of during the debates.
One question I have for both candidates: when are you going to stop spending money we no longer have?
One observation of something I heard from NEITHER candidate: "I don't know everything, I'm going to find the smartest guys in our country and ask them what we should do." I will donate at least $100 of my dwindling funds to the candidate that had the guts to say that.

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