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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Gingrich Revolution In Reverse

Conservative New York Times pundit David Brooks sees the handwriting on the wall. Obama will win and the Democrats will control the House and Senate. Therefore:

What we’re going to see, in short, is the Gingrich revolution in reverse
and on steroids. There will be a big increase in spending and deficits. In
normal times, moderates could have restrained the zeal on the left. In an
economic crisis, not a chance. The over-reach is coming. The backlash is

That sounds pretty good to me. We need a Keynesian "over-reach" like a second New Deal, it seems to me. As for a backlash, what backlash happened after the first New Deal? We had decades of prosperity and won a world war, and we had LBJ's Great Society, the war on poverty, and the institution of Medicare for our seniors. Things changed for the worse only after conservative saint Ronald Reagan destroyed progressive taxation, broke the unions, championed deregulation, and poisoned Americans minds with his hatred of government. We're now paying the price for going down that disastrous path. Bush Junior even tried to destroy Roosevelt's great legacy, Social Security. Fortunately for our seniors, he failed.

Conservatives like Brooks and Gingrich will just have to sulk. Their day has past. They almost destroyed America with their policies. Hopefully, we can recover with a Gingrich revolution in reverse, a contract for America rather than a contract on America. That can't happen too soon.


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