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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Antics Are Non-Stop

I was disheartened to see our congress continue to treat the Gay Community as second class citizens (see Jim's article from today).

I put up this photo from the Church of Ireland because it represents the thinking that is consistent with today's politicians.

The gated door was added in the last 150 years. The arch was where the original door/entry way was. This particular arch has a sordid history in Ireland. As I recall, it was where people with Hansens Disease, better known as Leprosy were allowed to listen to sermons and church activities. Of course, they weren't allowed in the church; somehow they had sinned and brought all the hurt and pain and eventual death on themselves.

Sound familiar? Ignorance is timeless. While I am in no way equating Gay anything to Leprosy, the treatment is the same. Isn't it time we evolved from the 17th century?

By the way, I've been reading about why gay men and women aren't being treated equally. I'm finding that it is very 17th century. Of course, there's the usual bias and fear of the unknown. Or just plain fear. Let me put a different spin on an old bias; who really wins when one group is treated with prejudice?

Let me throw out one tidbit to consider. The almighty dollar. It was a revelation I had when I started looking at which Congressman didn't approve of Gay Marriage and the like. Shockingly, their constituency is comprised of not only John Q Public (most of whom could care less about what happens in someone else's home or bedroom) but of some very large insurance carriers and drug firms. You know, the one's that would have to insure partners in same sex marriages and pay for prescription medication and have to pay for hospitalization and have to pay for preventive care and on and on. Look who donates to the campaigns and the lobbyists working for the healthcare industry.

Jim is disappointed in Democrats; I'm not suprised. Maybe we should separate parties not by Liberal or Conservative, Republican or Democrat but by Bribe Taker or Public Servant. Judge our elected officials by Martin Luther King's measure: the content of their character.

The flow of money should not be the moral compass in our society.


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