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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

But what about the Children???

Apparently George W and Dick would like children to pray to this guy for health insurance (to the left).

SCHIP seems to be on the chopping block and even Rush, Sean, BillO and Ann can't defend taking kids off of health care.

Knocking kids off of one of the most successful healthcare programs in history isn't the first enormous mess GW and crew has pulled our country into. Somehow though, we have to get across to the people that still go to Church every Sunday and don't feel effected or that this is even a problem that SCHIP IS a big deal.

I'm not sure how to appeal to common sense or decency. Seems like we're past that as a country. Too much of our country is ignorant. They have no idea what SCHIP is. People of voting age don't know where New Orleans or Iraq is on a map. Funny thing, many of our high school children actually think the United States fought alongside Germany to defeat Russia! Too much of our country has opted to be spoon fed propaganda. Asking questions and getting educated is hard. It's work. Getting lazy and vomiting up answers before the questions are complete is easy. It's come down to a decision of doing what's right versus what's easy.

Ignorance elects people that are proud of ignorance and it gets us less insured children and more insured Haliburton Executives. By the way, at the moment I put defense contractors and Haliburton Executives a whole bunch of notches below the tobacco industry (if you can believe it). They are truly pigs at the trough of ignorance.

So GW is going to pull insurance away from children and pouring more money into killing people in Iraq. Is ignorance bliss?


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