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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pass A Full Transgender Inclusive Version Of ENDA

RE: ENDA: The Employment Non Discrimination Act - It seems as though openly gay Congressman Barney Frank made a calculation that the only way it would pass, even with Democratic Party control of the House is if they stripped the "T" (transgender) out of the bill, so he split the bill up into two bills, one that protects lesbians, gays, and bisexuals, and the other that protects transgendered people. The sexual minority community revolted at this with some 90 organizations issuing statements or sending letters opposing such a move.

Barney Frank has made a number of silly statements and has done some whacko things, but this one truly is revolting. Even if both houses of Congress were to pass his "stripped down" ENDA, Bush would veto it and he has enough Republican support to sustain such a veto. So why abandon some of the people who need protection the most? So that the Democrats can claim some sort of limited victory? The outpouring of opposition to Frank's plan has forced the Democratic leadership in the house to cancel their plans to adopt his ridiculous strategy. ENDA needs to protect all members of sexual minorities. They need to go back to the original bill and work to pass that again and again until it is signed into law. No thanks, Barney, we don't want your half-assed bill.

PHOTO: We think of our summer cottage as being located in sort of a beach version of "Brigadoon," since it sleeps in the off season and comes to life once again every year in the Spring. This friend's house has closed its eyes for the winter.


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