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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Latest ENDA Maneuver

The Dragon Fly and sea shell motif of this Tiffany style chandelier really suits the beach house well. This fixture hangs over the dining table at our Cherry Grove home.

The Democrats are going to move forward with a vote on the "T"-less version of the Employment Non Discrimination Act. To soothe all the groups that oppose this strategy, Speaker Of The House Pelosi is promising a vote on a full version "when the votes are there to pass it." This is noting but another ploy. Of course, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has endorsed this approach. What do you expect from a group that is so much identified with mainstream Democratic Party politics?

Dropping transgendered protections from ENDA in order to get it passed is ethically wrong. No one should be left behind in a rush to get something passed so that one political party can crow about a "success." Would Martin Luther King have accepted a civil rights bill that didn't cover all African-Americans in the country? The answer is no. Nor should we agree to a bill that does not protect all members of sexual minorities.


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