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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What Would You Do?

One of my friends is reading a self-help book currently. One of the items he related to me about the book is a question that the author suggests that readers pose to themselves: "If you were guaranteed 100 percent success at something, what would you do?" I suppose the object of his thought experiment is to prompt the reader to examine what they really want out of life. This is a good exercise, but if your answer come up as something radically different from what you're actually doing, then I suppose that's something of a major problem. My first reaction upon hearing the question was that I wouldn't want to pick something that, if I did it, would screw up my current life. So I guess either I'm somewhat on the right track and happy in life, or I've just set my goals and expectations too low. I think both apply to me, actually.

PHOTO: One of the newest in the series of boathouses along Philadelphia's famous boat house row. This one houses concessions, bathrooms and a large indoor basketball court.


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