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Friday, October 26, 2007

The GW Bush Tally

I am getting in the end of year spirit and I was just thinking about all that we have lost under our current regime. My Dad always used to say that I have to walk into any situation with a good attitude otherwise the outcome will be less than satisfactory for any party involved. I'm having trouble walking into dealing with our government in 2008 largely because of the death tally the Bush Administration has racked up in the last few years.

Here's a partial list:

The death of Habeas Corpus
The rise of the Corporate Government
Dead US Soldiers
Dead Iraqi Civilians
Secret Energy negotiations
Death of Valerie Plame's Career and of countless potential life-saving Intelligence Resources and assets
Death of the CIA as a meaningful resource for intelligence and counter-intelligence.
The murder of the SCHIP program.
The death of a national budget surplus.
The frequent and attempted killing of gay rights.
The attempt to overthrow the 1, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 11th Ammendments to the Constitution (those are the one's I've kept track of).
The nullifcation of the voting populace by a propaganda machine.
The dumping of billions of our taxpayer dollars into corporate coffers and the subsequent gluttony of the many corporate pigs at the Government trough.
And so on. I could go on but the Republicans that might (stress might) read this won't believe a word of this anyway. They'll poo poo me and prattle on about the glory that awaits the US when we vanquish the evile Iranians. Kind of laughable since we already have multiple quagmires in process.
So come on America, give me back a good attitude! Can we at least agree that we need to elect some smart people that are more than sabre rattlers? Or more than actors and lawyers?
I want my good attitude back. And more importantly, I want a country that builds things, that is tolerant of other peoples thoughts and ideas and solves problems with brains and not with guns.

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