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Friday, October 12, 2007

Say "No!" To ENDA "Light!"

Barney Frank is sticking to his guns and plans to push for a vote on the Employment Non Discrimination Act with protections for transgendered people removed. He says that those who oppose his ploy of leaving the "Ts" behind "Can't Handle The Truth," the truth being that we just don't get Washington politics. Actually, it's Barney that can't handle the truth - that the GLBT community has roundly and forcefully rejected his political ploy that would bring protections for some while leaving some of our most vulnerable community members behind. He's stuck with a lot of backward fellow Democrats and wants somew of us to pay the price so he can trunpet a victory. Shame on you Barney!

Here's what some of our organizations are saying about Frank's bill:

Lambda Legal:

Our analysis shows that the new bill that includes sexual orientation only would be weaker for everyone.

Matt Foreman, NLGTF Director:

The freedom to express ourselves and be ourselves is at stake when any one of us is punished and persecuted for stepping outside the rigid rules of gender conformity. Lesbians, gay men and bisexual people historically engage a whole range of dress and behaviors that challenge the traditional gender code. Women who are too masculine and men who are too feminine often suffer job discrimination and harassment at work, just as our transgender sisters and brothers do.

Just say NO! to Barney Frank and his ENDA "Light."


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