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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good Bye, Barak

According to the Washington Post, "Donnie McClurkin...has detailed his struggle with gay tendencies and vowed to battle "the curse of homosexuality."

McClurkin wrote on a Christian Web site in 2002 that he struggled with
homosexuality after he was molested by male relatives when he was 8 and 13.
"I've been through this and have experienced God's power to change my
lifestyle," he wrote. "I am delivered and I know God can deliver others, too."

Now Barak Obama has indicated that this guy, a "reverend" and singer, will be an on-stage participant in his campaign tour. Evidently, Obama feels the need to pander to some of the homophobic right wing black religious voters. Needless to say, many gays and lesbians are reacting strongly to this. It would seem that Obama has determined that he doesn't need the support and votes of the gay community. I think I can foresee a spike upward in Hillary's lead. Good bye, Barak.


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