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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cherry Grove Community Organization Meets

One of the joys of being on Fire Island in the Spring is the flora. For a few short weeks, the dunes look like they're snow covered but it's not snow, it's Beach Plum blossoms. The blossoms start out pure white, then the blossoms turn pinkish as they mature. In a few weeks the blossoms are gone.

Earlier today I went to the first joint meeting of the season of the Cherry Grove Community Association and the Property Owner's Association. Due to lack of money there will be no "Community Welcome Back" party. There was a lot of talk about the Doctor's Fund, which is promoting their own cookbook to raise money. The Doctor's Fund endeavors to provide the community with doctors during the summer, although if you have anything other than a minor issue you really have to seek medical help on Long Island. There was also lots of talk about the boardwalks, and a lecture from a member of the Cherry Grove volunteer fire department on safety. The Property Owner's Association president talked a lot about his efforts to get politicians to help with various problems that confront the community.

Cherry Grove is a small vacation community. Most of us live here only half of the year and few of us vote here, so we're pretty much powerless and largely at the mercy of the Town of Brookhaven on Long Island, which has political and fiscal control over us. So, we spend a lot of time and effort out here trying to raise money to help ourselves out. It's just the way it is out here in this summertime community.


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