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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oviedo: Low Key But Nice

Oviedo doesn't get much of a recommendation in our guide book, but a stroll through the town is revealing. First of all, it's a university city, so there is a lot of youthful excitement to be found particularly in the old quarter, where many of the campus facilities are housed in stone buildings that were constructed centuries ago. We happened upon a festival this week which includes free outdoor concerts in addition to the Zarzuela performance that we will see tonight. Oviedo is nestled in a valley surrounded by tall hills. It features a charming Gothic cathedral that has wonderful stained glass windows. The food here is also very good. Last night we had a seafood dinner that featured delicacies such as razor clams and octopus. The restaurant district near the old town is bustling. Our guide book does not do the town justice. It's a charming city in NW Spain that is well worth at least a short visit!


PHOTOS: Teatro Campoamor, Cathedral, restaurants on the Calle Gascogna

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