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Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Shame On The Clintons!

Why can't Hillary and Bill exit gracefully instead of once again playing the race card against Obama by suggesting that white voters won't vote for Obama in the general election? The bad taste that the Clinton presidency left in the mouths of many of us is now refreshed with this latest shameful behavior. As Bob Herbert puts it in today's New York Times:

"...class is not a Clinton forte.
But it’s one thing to lack class and a
sense of grace, quite another to deliberately try and wreck the presidential
prospects of your party’s likely nominee — and to do it in a way that has the
potential to undermine the substantial racial progress that has been made in
this country over many years.
The Clintons should be ashamed of themselves.
But they long ago proved to the world that they have no shame. "

No shame indeed! They (the Clintons) are awful.


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