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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Festival In Asturias

Sometimes travelers seem to have little luck and dark days; on this trip we've had lost baggage, closed attractions and a couple of colds, no doubt caught on airplanes.
However, today in Oviedo was another banner day when we 'lucked out' and stumbled upon a festival, held every year in this sleepy capital of Asturias. While crossing the park to visit the Gothic cathedral again we encountered a parade of musicians and follk dancers, all dressed in the colorful costumes of the region. Some of the bands played jazz favorites by W. C. Handy, but others wowed the crowds with Spanish melodies and bagpipe songs. (Follow Jim's videos of the live music tommorow.)
After enjoying the myriad sights and sounds we decided to have lunch in the area where the Siderias abound. They are restaurants and bars where new, potent cider is poured by expert waiters who hold the bottles high above their heads, and without looking at the tilted glasses held in their other hand, pour the cider into the glass. Despite their expert aim, much of the foamy cider lands on the floor. We have found out that there are even cider-pouring contests at certain times of the year. The food is also excellent, based on rich red wines (tintos), a huge variety of cheeses, seafoods and meats.

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