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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Neocon Accomplishments

I am reprinting this from a post I just saw on Crooks and Liars. it's brilliant. Essentially, it says that the Neocons are highly competent politicians. Here's a wonderful list of their accomplishments:

Iraq War 2 (and probably Gulf War 1)
The deaths of almost 1 million Iraqis and displacement of 4 million refugees
$130/bbl oil bringing obscene record profits to oil industry
Taken Iraqi oil off the market

Kept Iraq from opening non-US dollar bourse

Stacked the Supreme Court with Neocons with a cake-walk confirmation

Escaping justice for numerous domestic and International War crimes

Escaping impeachment with collusion of key Democrats (fellow CFR members)

Enriched the war machine & Military Industrial Complex

Installed 2 Attorney Generals who would block investigations and supeaonas and ignore whistle-blowers

Gutted Habeas Corpus

Rationalized torture

Conveniently misplaced trillions (Sept 10th, 2001) and later billions of dollars

Reestablished record breaking opium production in Afghanistan

Implemented extraordinary rendition and secret torture camps

Manipulated - Stole 2000 and 2004 elections

Used hoaxed Niger Yellow-cake “evidence” with no political repercussions.

Lied about Iraqi WMD’s - with cartoons and drawings.

Lied about Jessica Lynch-Pat Tillman

Working on reigniting Russian-American Cold War (Russian bomber flights, etc)

Gutted independent officer corps

Christianization of the military

Moving towards Full Spectrum Dominance paradigm and capability for military

Massive expenditures for Chem-Bio, Space Weapons, Internet cybercorps

Intimidation (or willful cooperation) of Media & Business

Permanent military bases in Iraq and gigantic US embassy

Passed Patriot Act after convenient Anthrax and Manchurian-style Sniper attacks

Passed Military Commissions Act

Unprecedented use of signing statements to usurp Congress

Hide Continuity of Government plans from Congress

Massive debt to break government (and public)

Electronic surveillance and massive databases

Illegal warrantless wiretaps

First-rate mercenary forces enriched and empowered - and trained

Broke Posse Comitatus precedent with Blackwater and US military domestic deployment

Blinding of America to Iranian nuclear program by collapsing US intelligence efforts

Decimated New Orleans post-Katrina (dry-run for martial law)

Coopted Justice Department

Turned over key regulatory agencies to the foxes of industry (ex. Mining, Forestry)

Freed Scooter Libby with no political cost

Bankruptcy “reform” that made it harder to restart in the event of disaster

Two-Hundred billion dollar bailouts of financial industry

No Child Left Behind and other Orwellian named govt initiatives

Garnered cooperation of fellow CFR and Trilateral Democrats to enable agenda

Unending blank checks from Congress

Bailed out the Crooked mortgage industry from subprime housing collapse

Convenient benefiting from a “New Pearl Harbor”

Pulled a sham Investigation on 9-11 over on the public for a paltry $15 million
But the piece de resistance - Conning the American public that they are incompetent.

And you honestly believe that sacrificing 3000 civilians on 9/11 and an ongoing body count currently at 4010+ troops to achieve their goals is beyond them both ethically and logistically?

Wake up.

What more do you want to qualify them as a success? Most people think they are incompetent because they are operating according to a different game-plan, or paradigm, than the normal person. Normal people wouldn’t operate at this level of corruption and genuine evil. These people are expert Machiavellian psychopaths (with a strong dose of Straussian Noble Lie telling) and to attempt to associate normal behaviors to them is an exercise in futility. You absolutely CANNOT continue to believe that the administration is incompetent - they are completely competent and shocking us into accepting a fascist version of America (just like Prescott Bush and his cohorts in the financial elite and industrialists tried in the 1930s).

And I'll add one I didn't see in the post: it's all of the stuff you DON'T see the government doing, like investing in our infrastructure, schools, school lunches, those that can't help themselves.....

PS The shot above is from Venice, Italy. It was great to go there and it does remind me that things always do change, time has a way of wearing away everything, including the Neocons.

PSS I forgot to add one more thing: the Neocons have also done a top notch job of derailing equal rights for all and recognizing unions such as gay marriage. They've also done a wonderful job sucking up to big healthcare and pharma and taken a dump on things like healthcare for kids.

I can't completely blame the Neocons and their enablers though, the Democrats also helped....

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